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Rebel Part 12 - 70% (Writing done,art done, need to work on translation)

Rebel Part 13 - 10% ( sketch done)

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All things I fave are for something: Beacuse itīs a nice picture,I like the design or the perspective, etc. It hasnīt to be the most awesome picture ever to be here, but I only fave things I really like :3



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Ohai, all!!I'm Nuria, a weird person who enjoys drawing on free time. People also call me Kimi!!

I love monsters, specially beast-like ones. I'm a digimon fan, you'll find a lot of digimon related stuff on my gallery. Also some of pokémon and other monsterseries/Games. I also draw original characters and creatures, I try to mix both fanart and original art.

I draw as a hobby, so there may be times when my submissions and activity will be low because RL stuff. I enjoy both digital and traditional art, but I work mostly on digital media due to lack of space to properly keep traditional media drawings. Constructive criticism is always welcome! :).

I have a second account :iconathathurid: , It's a photo/stock account.

You can also find me on:

- Twitter:
- Twitch (Streaming):
- Tumblr:
> Digimon themed:
> Pokémon themed:
> League of Legends themed:

Welcome to my page!!! :D
Ohai all!!!

I have been absent for the last week due to my account being stolen. I just came to check something and I was logged off and my password didn't work. Went to my mail and got one that said I changed the mail associated to my account. It's been a REALLY rough week for me, I have so many memories here, if someone deleted the account a part of my life would die with it. I haven't even been on a really good drawing mood since this happened, I hope to break this block soon enough. THANK YOU to the DeviantArt staff for being so fast recovering it. And for the one who stole it I hope it burns in the flames of hell :) .

Not much more to say, I'm super happy to be back around!
  • Listening to: Lindsey Stirling - The Arena
  • Watching: Dragon Ball Super, MLP, Applimon, FtWD
  • Playing: League of Legends, Ori and the Blind Forest
  • Drinking: Ice Tea


Void Dragon
A Commission for someone out of DA owo

I think it's the first time I try to do a character that is pure black so I got to toy a bit with a different colored lineart, which was kinda interesting.

Character belongs to "AnotherWyrm"
Some digimon fanart I felt like doing, thigs guy is super hard to draw and has super bad refs, so I tried my best.
Henlo it me Shee drawing hyoomanos.

This bunch is the current party we have in a DnD campaign I'm running with some friends! I've roleplayed a lot in the past but it's the first time I have ahd the chance to try out DnD and it's rly cool! So I decided to make some portraits for the heroes of our campaign owo.

Scarth -> Chromatic Dragonborn Sorcerer who delights eating the hearts of their enemies to become stronger. He specializes in ice magic. He is an avid knowledge seeker and hates Tiamat and metallic dragons.

Lulu Hastur -> Human Loli Sorcerer who enjoys blowing up stuff and stabbing things and has a devil possesed dagger that wants to take her over and kill us all. She lost her family and got raped when young so she has trust issues with certain people.

Relor -> Wood Elf Druid who is a bit too reckless impulsive and short tempered to be a druid or an elf. He is a pyromaniac, loves to set enemies and things on fire, which contrasts with his love for Nature and puts at risk his position as a druid. Loves to play the flute. He is scared of spiders, he hates them and will try to avoid them at all cost or kill them if they harm any of his friends. He is deeply in love with Arwyn. Recently discovered he maybe wasnt born to be a druid but some kind of sorcerer related to fire (Phoenix Sorcerer).

Nameless/Axena/Crés Rasagume -> Half-Orc that follows Ornett as a disciple. She always wears a helmet and refuses to give her real name, thus we called her "nameless". Party didn't like it so, as a joke for Ornett axe fetish we called her "axe nameless" (Axena). Recently she revealed her name was Cres but we call her Axena anyways. 

Damakos -> Cleric Tiefling that is insane, he praises his goddess Hathor 24/7 and has a gambling addiction. Has double personality, Thyssar, an evil mofo, it's inside his body and wants to make Damakos suffer.

Ornett BlackStar -> Half-Orc Champion, he absolutely loves axes and anything to do with them. He struggles with mindcontrol and often has smashed our party, even being close to killing some of us. Likes forges and friendly spars. 

Gilwynn -> High Elf Monster Hunter (Ranger) -> And NPC we found in a swamp almost being eaten alive by crocodiles that tagged along with us. She speaks super fast when stressed and she enjoys getting drunk and money. She lost her girlfriend and master some time ago. She is currently Relor's tutor so he doesn't get out of control and sets forests on fire. Kinda into BDSM.

Smoke -> Assasin Tabaxii, sneaky asshole cat who likes to sneak in and stab from the back. He protests a lot about everything.

Arwyn Dawnblade -> Human Paladin. Another NPC, she is a noble woman who decided to become a paladin to protect the weak and smite the devil. Recently discovered she was lied her whole life and that she was being used by her adoptive brother for his plans (she thought he was dead and that it was her fault, only to find out he was the main villain). Tsundere. Lately depressed and serious. She is in a relationship with Relor at the moment, but doesn't want to commit to it as she would break the oath and lose her Paladin powers and probably create a scandal. She enjoys torturing him.

Velassar Adanko -> Human Wizard, part of one of the most important noble families in the peninsula, he ran away from home to demonstrate he is capable to shine without the necessity of his name. Sometimes he steals underwear from wardrobes for some reason unknown.


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